About Us

Irregular Verbs is a platform to learn the English irregular verbs. The targeted audience is French-speaking people but anyone is welcome and I would be happy to improve the interface and features if needed.


The main available feature as of now is the list of Irregular Verbs. It contains more than 470 verbs dispatched in 4 levels:

Each verb also has its dedicated conjugation page and get some additional external resources links like the wiktionary URL.

The future

Irregular Verbs is still a very young project and its features are quite limited so far. But way more are coming, including a flashcard game and different kinds of exercises. Keep posted!


You found a typo, faced a bug or want to suggest any improvements or new feature? We would be delighted to hear from you.

Check our Contact page .

Irregular Verbs is a Web Application developed and maintained by Delattre Consulting - https://delattreconsulting.com

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